Excellent Proxy Solution: Fast Proxies With HTTPS/SOCKS Support

Proxy servers are routers or systems that provide a gateway between the internet and the users. Thus, it helps keep cyber attackers from entering a private network. In short, it is a server that refers to an intermediary. It goes between the web pages and end users visiting online. Cyber Gateway offers an anonymous proxy service, keeping your IP safe from accessing different websites and giving you an access error-free experience for some reasons, such as:

  • Blocked IP
  • Access denied

What is a cyber gateway?

A secure web gateway (SWG) acts as a blocker or filter of harmful content and prevents the data from leakage. In short, it secures your data from getting exposed to some other sites where you visited. Also, it keeps vulnerabilities from entering your data and makes something like stealing, hacking, or phishing important credentials. Also, vulnerabilities can’t harm your network by using a secure web gateway.

Using this blocker or filter keeps your data safe from vulnerabilities. All employee Internet traffic passes through the SWG.

Cyber Gateway

Why should you use it?

The gateway acts as a checkpoint, protecting an organization from the following vulnerabilities:

  • malware
  • viruses
  • suspicious
  • malicious website traffic

A proxy acts as a filter. It lets users access authentic, supported, and secure websites.

Purpose of security gateway?

A secure web gateway stops an organization from any online security condition and threat by implementing policy and filtering internet-bound traffic. The secure web gateway is a cloud-delivered or on-premise network security service.

Advantages of using a gateway

gateway acts as a checkpoint

Here are a few advantages of using a gateway:

  • Filters data
  • Encapsulates and de-encapsulates data packets
  • Controls collisions and broadcast domain
  • Connects devices from two different networks using different protocols

Types of gateway

There are two major types of gateways:

  • Unidirectional gateways. The gateway permits data to stream in one direction. An unidirectional network is a device that allows data to travel in one direction. The data diodes are found in high-security environments, such as defense.
  • Bidirectional gateways. The gateway permits data to stream in both directions. A bidirectional gateway allows alerts to flow from the source ObjectServer to the application or target ObjectServer that receives feedback to the source ObjectServer.

Are the gateways safe to use?

As long as you are using an approved proxy server, you can be sure that you are safely using it. Opting for a reliable gateway provider helps you get the right proxy services and solutions you need.