When Is The Best Time To Hunt Deers?

If you have a fondness for hunting a deer, perhaps you consider the activity as a sport, while others do deer hunting for meat. Deer hunting is an activity way back tens of thousands of years; they hunt for sports and meat. Deer meat is a natural and nutritious food source of animal protein.

How to shoot a deer?

Some deer hunters are experts when it comes to shooting a deer. In just one shot, they can instantly catch it. But, for those beginners, one good tip to shoot a deer can be in three ways, such as:

  • Front leg
  • Between halfway
  • Between the bottom of the chest
  • Top of the back

Take note, that the deer’s heart is located at a 45-degree angle of the chest.

deer hunting

Best time to hunt deer

Hunting deer is a game of odds. Knowing the best time to hunt them and the best conditions are the best parts of the process. There are the best conditions or situations that are favorable for deer hunters.

  • Temperatures swing. Temperatures may change, so get deer on their feet. Check the anticipated temperature-induced movement and forecast is the best way to fill deer tags.
  • Minor weather circumstances. These are the non-front-related weather circumstances, such as:
    • Pop-up showers
    • Storms

These circumstances encourage deer to move. These minor weather situations occur in the first or last few hours of daylight.

  • Wind advantage. Deer seemed to move best when the wind was on their advantage. Off-winds can be the best time to hunt deer.
  • Early morning and late afternoon. Whatever the conditions, deer move best in the early morning and late afternoon.
  • Opening day. Biological and environmental factors, you can find deer in the woods. The first opening day of the season can be the best time to hunt deer. It is the time when deer are not pressured. Take advantage of that.

deer hunting

Best styles of the bullet to hunt a deer

You have the standard and moderate ranges of bullet styles to best shoot a deer. Some use the straight-wall and magnum deer calibers to have successful hunting. Simple jacketed soft-point bullets have been used by many hunters recently and they find them effective and successful hunting.

If you plan to experience hunting deer for this season, it is now the best time to have your first try. Take this as your basic guide on how to start this exciting sport.