Enjoying Some Great Ice Cream Delights

No children’s party is considered complete until the ice cream is taken out of the freezer and gets on the hands, faces, and clothes of all the little guests. However, there are many different ways to enjoy ice cream than the traditional scoop and serve. As such, most hosts will not hesitate to include this popular frozen treat on their party menu.

Oreo chocolate ice cream

If you’re a chocolate lover, it won’t surprise you that chocolate ice cream is your favorite food. The ice cream is surprisingly rich and chocolatey as it contains cocoa powder and semi-sweet chocolate, and its silky smooth texture comes from the use of custard. Sweetened condensed milk, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream create a delicious chocolate sundae ice cream paradise.

These delicious creations are so easy to make that they require nothing more than a few packets of Oreos, chocolate ice cream, and good self-control. Split the Oreo cookies with a knife or spoon, spoon chocolate ice cream in place of or on top of the white cream filling, then reconstitute the cookies and freeze.

Cupcakes with ice cream

Ice cream cupcakes are small treats for everyone who loves cake and ice cream. During the party, offer different options and let the children choose the flavors themselves. Just place the flavor of your choice on top of the cupcake they want and let the kids get stuck in it. With this gift, you will probably find that chocolate covered chocolate is the most popular choice.

ice cream cup holder

Cookie pieces

All you need is a variety of cookies such as ginger, chocolate, and shortbread cookies, as well as chocolate bars, nuts, small candies, ice cream, small bowls, spoons, and plastic cups. Chop the cookies, nuts, and chocolate and place them in separate bowls. Mix all the candy in another bowl and serve with a few scoops of ice cream in custom cups with lids. Then have the children choose their toppings, provide them with a spoon, and enjoy the cookies and ice cream chunks.

Carbonated drinks

Another treat that guarantees the happiness of children is an excellent floating soda. With nothing but vanilla ice cream, various toppings, and flavored drinks, you can make these fun and messy treats. Fill small glasses or cups with different flavors of fizzy drinks, top with a scoop of ice cream and sprinkle with sprinkles. Give each child a straw and a spoon and let them do it.


With all this variety of delicious ice cream at your disposal, your next kids’ party is sure to be a hit.