Post-construction cleaning: what are they?

When the dust and debris of the new construction or the renovation project of the building becomes excessive, it is necessary to bring everything back to optimal conditions, carrying out a thorough post-construction cleaning .

After all, dirt and accumulations of dirt are inevitable following any renovation , even if it concerns a small corner of the house. Generally, bricklayers and craftsmen perform basic cleaning when completing the job, but they are not as thorough as a skilled and professional cleaning company might be . Often after the closure of the construction site there are, in fact, various residues of the work carried out , which can be completely removed only with specific equipment and products construction clean up services in Saint Paul.

The post-construction cleaning service starts with the floors and allows you to remove the most difficult stains , including those of lime, paint and grease . This intervention, which includes mirror polishing and restores the tiles to the factory finish, is essential to prevent small stones and other debris from scratching the surfaces and causing permanent damage.

The post-construction cleaning also understand the removal of chalk dust , which when performed by inexperienced hands can be very time-consuming and also quite dangerous. Leaving chalk dust inside a refurbished space can be quite damaging to the respiratory tract and health in general. Grease and dust also lurk on carpets, rugs and upholstery , making it difficult to remove any particles with a normal vacuum cleaner. Thanks to the professional post-construction cleaning this kind of dirt can be eliminated through cutting-edge washing techniques that restore even the most difficult and delicate fibers to be treated.

Furthermore, it will be necessary to clean the windows and windows , a fairly hard job that requires the use of specific products and not the classic detergents found in large retailers. Construction companies and contractors also often forget traces of adhesive tapes that release glue, damaging surfaces. The post-renovation cleaning is especially thorough because it also includes the elimination of these annoying signs.

Particular attention is also paid to the joints and tiles in the bathroom, which are notoriously very complicated to clean. Traditional methods, common detergents and cloths that are used for daily household chores cannot remove stubborn dirt and act deeply. This is where professional post-construction cleaning comes in , making the bathroom and laundry area shiny and ready to use.

On request it will also be possible to request the sanitization of the surfaces , which is essential to counteract the spread of bacteria and viruses. The service will be performed only by highly qualified personnel with disinfectant, ecological and above all safe equipment and products.