Percale cotton: what it is, why percale bedding

Due to its particular characteristics, percale cotton has its “natural” use in bed linen and clothing. In this we will explain everything you need to know about percale in case you have to consider the purchase of bed linen (sheets, pillowcases, pajamas, etc.) made with this type of fabric Still on the look out for bed linens in Singapore? You might want to check out Weavve Home.

Percale – Cotton percale

In some labels present on textile products you can read some words that refer to the weave and how the related fabrics are made, in particular the way in which the warp and weft threads are intertwined (each type of weft has its particular characteristics) .

The term percale refers to a specific type of fabric and not to the material from which the fabric itself is made. More precisely, it indicates a type of fabric with a fine plain weave, made with very fine threads, which can be made with threads of polyester, or of cotton mixed with polyester. However, these fabrics are usually made of cotton: hence the name of percale cotton. Percale cotton  is mainly used in bed linen and in women’s and children’s clothing. It is a plain weave fabric in which the warp and weft threads cross one at a time.

Washing of sheets

The fact that these threads are tightly intertwined results in a fine texture and matte finish that leaves us feeling fresh and crunchy.

Cotton percale products are elegant and smooth.

As for its origin, the name “percale” probably derives from the Persian word “pargalah” which means “rag”.

The characteristics of percale cotton

Due to its breathability, cotton is the preferred fiber in most percale bed sheets. The percale cotton sheets are light and airy, they are cool to the touch, perfect for those with a “warm sleep”.

Linen made from percale cotton is more breathable and fresher than “classic” linens, and is also known to last longer.

Unlike satin ones (satin or satin fabrics are smooth and shiny), cotton percale bed linen is characterized by having a matte finish.

Cotton percale sheets are also easy to wash: just put them in the washing machine with a normal wash cycle for a deep clean that also leaves them soft.

Because cotton percale sheets are tightly woven, they tend to resist pilling, which means they can “withstand” several years of washing without compromising our bedtime comfort.

But not only that: since over time the cotton fibers “relax” and break, the more time passes, the more the (good) percale sheets should improve our comfort.