Global Hotel Management: A Style To Remember

It’s difficult to keep track of the biggest hotel brands and their properties in today’s frenetic world of hotel mergers and acquisitions. All of us look for hotels that provide us the best of their service, even if it is costly, you as a guest there should feel that it is reasonable. One of such hotels includes a global hotel management company.

This company has hotels in India as well as in other countries like Oman, Switzerland, UAE. With the most extraordinary luxury and affluent hotels, Global hotel management company has thousands of rich years in Arabian history, calm waters of Oman, and Andermatt. The exquisite and contemporary designs of each of these hotels and resorts are molded with respect for the local culture, rich history, and distinctive surroundings.

global hotel management company

Brands under this company

Each of their properties is authentic and ensures a memorable experience. As of now, they have 3 brands:-

  • The chedi: The hotel and resorts under this brand promise their customers a peaceful experience, also the name “chedi” means a place of meditation and peace. Chedi hotels are designed to be serene locations where travelers may rediscover the delights of silence and be calmed by tranquillity against a backdrop of beauty and comfort while on their adventures.
  • The chedi club: The Chedi Club elevates the Chedi experience with more exclusive options, individualized care, and fun encounters for a truly unforgettable journey. Here you get a more intimate room inventory. The importance of attention to detail is paramount, not only in terms of hotel design but also in terms of our customers’ needs.
  • The serai: This brand is inspired by its local community. Explorers and travelers get to discover the majesty of travel with The Serai inns. It urges you to take a break from your hectic schedule and focus on your well-being. It invites you to join an exclusive group of people who value and celebrate genuine connections. It takes you on a voyage of self-discovery as you embrace a life lived and a journey completed.


They provide various packages like advance purchase, romance in style, indulge in style, and rejuvenate in style. You’ll also find exclusive offers under each package.

Functions, events, and weddings

You can even plan functions, parties, and weddings here. Enjoy a memorable time with your loved ones under the stars, outside by the seashore, and indoors with an array of elegance.


For more information, you can check out their site and even book a suite right now!