Get a Covid-19 Test Before Spreading the Disease at ARCpoint Labs

The pandemic has changed tons of things, and it has become hard for us to get back to normal. And even with the vaccine, there’s still a risk that you’ll get the virus even if you had the booster jab. If you have a low immune system and you have an existing health problem, getting COVID becomes more dangerous. So if you don’t want to spread the virus if you suspect you caught it, then it’s better to get tested for COVID at ARCpoint Labs Tucson. Through this, you can understand the risks of spreading the virus to your family members and friends. Let’s learn more about ARCpoint Labs below.

An Easy & Fast Process for Everyone

Getting a COVID test seems daunting, especially if you haven’t tried it before. However, it’s a must for everyone who’s showing symptoms. So if you don’t want to compromise the health of your loved ones, it’s better to do it now than wait. Fortunately, ARCpoint Labs make it easier and more efficient. First, you have to schedule an appointment with the lab. Once done, fill up your intake forms before the scheduled appointment. After that, you’ll receive a unique QR code and confirmation via text and email. Next, you’ll use the QR code to check in to your appointment. Finally, you’ll receive your results through a secure email and text promptly!

Tests Available for You

ARCpoint Lab provides several types of testing for Covid-19. However, these tests will depend on the location. First, they have the Antigen test or Same Day Viral Testing. It detects the current SARS-CoV-2 infection in your body and uses a shallow swab to get a sample from your nose and throat. The second type of test is PCR, or Rapid Viral Testing, perfect for those who need urgent results.

Another PCR test is Traditional Lab-Based Viral Testing, which is the golden standard of viral testing and is required prior to getting certain surgeries. There’s also the Tru-Immune™ Testing, which is a blood test that indicates your body’s ability to fight off Covid-19. Finally, COVID-19 IgG/IgM Antibody Testing is a  blood test that may identify a previous infection of SARS-CoV-2.

A Comprehensive Testing Solution with Many Advantages

One of the main advantages of ARCpoint Labs is that they produce rapid results. Of course, this works for those who need the results for many reasons. Furthermore, they make sure you choose the right type of test thanks to their flexible testing solutions. Apart from that, they make use of integration for reporting, analytics, and real-time results that many patients love. Finally, they fully comply with the Executive Orders on Vaccine Mandates and COVID-19 Testing.