Easiest Ways to Choose the Right Trade Show Display

When selecting the correct trade show display, it’s easy to feel flummoxed. With so many variables to consider, the options can seem daunting. There’s a lot to think about, from choosing the suitable trade show display stand to dealing with shipping costs. Fortunately, the process is easier than you think. This article will take you through the easiest ways to choose the proper trade show display.


The best way to assure success at a trade show is to have the correct trade show displays. The most important trade show item to have in stock is the stand. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, the frame allows you to showcase your products and racks of those products on. Secondly, it allows ample space for customers to view your booth. This means they can see your product offerings up close and feel what you offer.


There are two main stands available: upright racks and wall-mounted racks. The most common rack used in trade shows is a good rack; it’s commonly used because they are straightforward to convert into a wall mount rack. The upside with using uprights is that they are easy to set up and take down; there’s nothing more frustrating than having items piled high in every corner or every nook and cranny you’ve created on the stand so that people can see them from afar (or not!). Wall-mounted stands are made from cardboard tubes that stack together in sections, allowing customers at a trade show some distance from your booth space; this makes it easier for them to view your products.


After choosing your stand, the next decision you’ll need to make is picking out the suitable materials to put on the stand. For floor displays, there are many options; in most cases, one of the best options is an inverted wall-mount rack. You can easily create these racks by using old or new cardboard boxes; even cardboard from paper and magazine boxes will work just as well. These racks provide an elegant and professional appearance for your booth display at a trade show. When constructing a floor display, place as much tissue paper, newsprint, or newspaper on top of the rack items for easy identification. For upright racks, we recommend using lightweight plastic or aluminum tubing (or similar) pieces filled with foam packing material; this makes it easier for customers to remove all items from the rack from one side only.