Some of the laptop screen issues with a quick solution

In this pandemic, people are able to work from home due to having a laptop and an internet connection. The common issue which you face on the laptop is screen problems. The screen issues can annoy you as you will not be able to complete your assigned work on time. To change the screen of a laptop will cost you a lot, but all the screen issues do not need replacement of the screen. Let’s read More Here about the common screen issues and tips to solve them.

Blank screen

  • This is the most common screen issue in the laptop. It is very frustrating when you are seriously working on something, and your screen becomes blank. Many times it becomes very tough to find out why exactly your laptop screen is becoming blank. There are many reasons for this but, the two most common reasons are, the first motherboard with the faulty hardware components and the second one is the broken screen.
  • One test which you can do to find out if you need to replace the screen is. Connect the laptop to another external display; make sure that your laptop is switched off. Once it is connected switch on the laptop and check if the external display is able to show the laptop boot progression. If yes that means you need to replace your screen. But try this only if you have some knowledge about it. Else it is better to call a professional.

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Pixel defect

  • This defect can be seen in both new and old laptops. This defect can be of three types and, those are hot, dead, and stuck pixels. The hot pixel means the screen looks brighter than its normal range. Dead pixel means the screen does not switch on at all, and, in struck pixel, you will find squares on your screen. If the laptop is new and is under warranty then you can change the screen.
  • One of the solutions which you can try to set the screen to normal is. Press the display with some amount of force. So that the pixels will get free and the dots which you can see on the screen will vanish.

Screen brightness issues

  • It is common with the LCD screen that after some time it becomes dim. When can we know that the laptop has a screen brightness issue? The answer is simple when you select maximum brightness but, still, it looks dim which, means there is an issue.
  • One of the steps which you can follow to set up the above issue is to reboot the system. There might be some small issues that can be resolved by restarting the system. If this does not work then there may be a hardware issue like broken cable, fused light, and many more. In such a case you have to reach out to the expert for further advice and repair.


These are some of the screen issues which you can face on the laptop. Remember one thing until you are sure about any solutions do not try that as you may damage the laptop further.