IBM i Cloud Hosting And Why It’s Practical To Use

There are different cloud hosting services and providers to choose from. What most companies and organizations need is one that can offer them the right server solution for their needs. They won’t need oversized services because the excess goes unused. This is where Source Data Products IBM i cloud can help you with.

Introducing Source Data Products Cloud400

Offered by Source Data Products, Cloud400 is the most recommended for IBM I hosting, IBM iSeries hosting, System i hosting,  and AS400 hosting. This cloud sourcing solution offers the best IBM i POWER technology and performance. But unlike the others, clients can enjoy this at a price that is a fraction of what they are using to spend on such services.

No more spending much on an oversized server because Cloud400 offers only what the client needs. And the good thing is, they are only charged for what they have used. If you want to know if this is the cloud sourcing solution that you need, then here are some reasons to give it a go.

IBM i cloud

  • Cheaper Server Costs. With IBM i Cloud400, for the same functionality, you should expect it to be cheaper than what you usually have to spend for POWER. It’s such a big server that most of the time it offers too much space that is not used by smaller companies. You save money on IBM I hosting because you only pay for what you are using.
  • No Hidden Fees. Cloud400 assures its clients that everything charged is based on what they use. This means that there are no unnecessary hidden fees. In some providers, clients have to shoulder the costs of IBM user licenses, processor activation, and even IBM support that is offered for free at Source data Products. This means that clients are saving more money with Cloud400.
  • Upgrade Anytime! When you use Cloud400, there’s no need to be locked in a long-term contract like you would have to be with other service providers. This means that you can upgrade whenever you need to. Cloud400 makes it easier for you in case your server needs increase in the future.

With the promise of the highest return on investment, Cloud400 from Source Data Products is an excellent choice for customers. There are several advantages to using Cloud400 and you should not miss out on this amazing opportunity. No matter how small or big your cloud sourcing needs are, Cloud400 can find a solution for you.