Get the best accommodation near your university

Coming to studyat a university in a foreign place or another city is very hectic; shifting all your stuff, finding a suitable home that feels homely, and the nostalgia all keep us busy. But if you are also searching for student accommodation near university of adelaide, you have landed at the right place. Finding a room that is well connected to transport is nearby the university campus and has all the basic amenities in nearby distance is the first requisite when finding a room. Find the coziest and most effective accommodation near the university campus that feels like a home away from home.

Beat the stress and enjoy your college life

College is not only about studying and earning a degree butalso about having fun with friends, discovering new places, and craving a midnight snack; At the same time, you choose our y suites, be assured of getting all that in your nearby locality. Bored and bored of a college curriculum? Chill out in the nearby restaurants and malls and enjoy binge eating. Spend quality time with other students from different faculties in the coolest cafeterias in the closest ambiance to your accommodation.

student accommodation near university of adelaide

Choose the accommodation of your type

In our residential rooms, we offer the students types of rooms per their budget and need. We offer from single room suites to 8-bedroomapartments with a built-in kitchenettewith individual studying and sleeping spaces. No worries if you enjoy group studies with your friends, we also have the communal study space in our residential quarters to serve you with the purpose.

The fun corner in your apartment

Every living area should have fun and relishing areas for the gala time with friends. All our residential quarters relish superior amenities that make you long to stay home some extra hours. Dive into the community pool situated at the back of the apartment area and enjoy in summers, play around with kids in the lush green garden, study on the open lawn or under the shades of the tress of your backyard, and play indoor games with your friends and take the luxury of going into a fully furnished gym, cinema rooms, gaming, and social areas, and a complete rural structured backyard to give you a feeling of country-side.

Feel the grandeur

find the next level of residential living. Our apartments are meticulously designed and make the best use of space. All our flats are well equipped with stylish flooring, spacious and flashy balconies and es, and modular kitchens with quality fixtures for durable use. Our basic amenities include a 24×7 water supply, power supply backup, clubhouse, convenience store, tennis court, and multi-purpose room.