Few Pointers that You Should Know Before Adding a Sunroom

The function of a solarium was historically fairly utilitarian. Before air conditioning, they were used as sleeping porches in older homes for those blistering hot summer nights. Sunrooms were also used as supplemental heat during the winter, as greenhouses for growth, and as conservatories for exotic species.

People still like sunrooms for some of the same reasons they did decades ago. They provide comfort from the bright, direct sunlight in the summer heat. They can, however, be utilized to enhance natural light during the winter months when there is less daylight.

Request recommendations before hiring a sunroom contractor

sunroom addition

Never hire a sunroom builder who does not have any references. Good references can help you determine whether or not a contractor is reliable and experienced in their field. Look for a contractor with a lengthy history of supplying high-quality products, references from happy clients, and a spotless record with the state licensing board and other organizations. Also, keep in mind that a reputable contractor will provide a detailed contract that outlines the contractor’s responsibilities as well as the homeowner’s expectations.

Your sunroom can be heated and cooled

You might imagine that sunrooms are tough to heat in the winter and difficult to keep cool in the summer because they are built of glass. However, with the correct layout and energy efficiency, sunrooms may be just as comfortable as the rest of the house. Consider installing a ceiling fan and an air conditioner to keep your space comfortable all year.

The type of windows you use can make a difference

Unless the windows are energy efficient, glass panels and doors might get frigid in the winter. During the winter months, homeowners who choose double pane glass with a Low-E coating are less likely to notice a drop in temperature in their sunroom. In general, condensation should not be an issue in a sunroom that is properly erected, ventilated, and constructed of high-quality materials.

You can wire your sunroom to have power

Homeowners who want electricity in their sunroom can consult with their contractor to ensure that it is installed properly. When you add a sunroom in Port Ewen, NY, the contractors will make sure the electricity is properly wired.

A sunroom is a terrific option if you’ve been looking for a place to call your own or utilize for entertaining. It may be a more cost-effective option than adding an addition to your home, which can incur additional fees and raise your taxes, depending on the style of sunroom you choose.