All About Minimalist Interior Design These Days

The power of Pinterest worthy room decor is indisputable. These days, social media is more about aesthetics and beautiful setups. Getting inspired by this fashion, the big crowd wants to have the same. Everybody would prefer a bright, cosy and aesthetic room over a dull, dark and lifeless room. That’s why transforming a standard room into a workspace that may serve as a retreat for all of your creative processes is a daunting endeavour and this art is known as minimalist interior design.

History of Interior designing:

minimalist interior design

  • Many civilizations have followed a tradition of designing and decorating their homes. The most common and well-known civilisation is the Egyptian civilisation. Egyptians were known to decorate their homes with exquisite metal items, bright paintings, and even animal skin furnishings. Homes were built in harmony with the other houses in the neighbourhood, and each house had a sophisticated water system running through it. The Romans applied similar principles, equating a luxury dwelling to a person’s social rank.
  • During Europe’s Medieval Era, the same idea arose into a distinct style. The emergence of Christianity saw the broad use of white, crimson, and purple colours and simple timber panelling and marble flooring. The Dark Ages, on the other hand, carried with them an overall air of solemnity, to the point where even the wealthy and famous began to tone down their decor.
  • Then comes the Baroque period in the 17th century. Some of the most notable aspects of this time were stained glass mosaics, frescoes (ceiling paintings), and intricately twisted pillars. This approach pervaded everything from interior design to architecture, clothing, and art, to mention a few.

Interiors nowadays:

Household devices such as toasters, ovens, grills, and the like became ubiquitous in the 20th century. This presented a new challenge for interior designers: how do you plan the organisation of kitchen rooms with electrical plug-points, which had never been done before? Designers quickly learned how to prepare the design of not only kitchens, but every room that may require an electrical output, as is the way of advancement. People’s tastes were evolving along with technological advancements—gone were the days of dark, modest colours, and in their place came vibrant dazzling colour palettes that lighted up whatever home, office, or recreational location they filled.

There is a big boom in the interior design industry but still, there are some areas or a section of society that don’t want to hire one because of many myths about interior designers which need to be busted. Interior designers can help you turn your dream house into a reality.