Some of the Important Things Every Farmer or Rancher Should Know

The Agriculture Industry remains to be one of the top industries in the world. And it’s also one of the most regulated industries in our society today. So naturally, some lawyers specialize in this field, which pertains to agriculture. They mainly deal with water, agricultural labor, marketing, environmental, land use, and pesticide and see issues. They can also help obtain licenses that agricultural businesses may need to operate. For example, an entity wants to set up a corporation or partnership that revolves around agriculture. So if you want to be an agriculture lawyer, these are the things you’ll experience every day.

Being an agricultural lawyer isn’t a walk in the park. So if you’re planning to specialize in this field or have plans of being a farmer, you might need to know more about the industry. These issues are not easy just because you don’t deal with the common areas of the law. These problems can be very complex in the long run. So if you want to know more about agriculture law, read on to find out.

Farming is Expansive

Farming is a diverse branch of agriculture, and it’s needed for it to stay profitable. Some of these strategies include corn mazes, hunting leases, and more that are popping up in farms and ranches across the US, specifically Montana. So you must understand the various legal issues that exist in these strategies and remember that there’s no one size fits all. Remember, every operation and case is different. So all legal documents, such as business plans, estate plans, and leases, might be different too.

Even Non-Farmers Can Own Land

Most of the productive land in the US is owned by non-farmers, which is why land leases must be in writing and well documented to avoid any issues should they arise. Aside from that, there should be education for non-farmer landowners, so they understand the different farming and ranching practices. There should be a mutual understanding between the owner of the land and those who are leasing it from them so that no misunderstanding will pop up in the future.

More Farmers are Seeking Legal & Professional Advice

Farmers seek legal advice since the legal issues that farmers face are becoming more complex in many areas of the law. Some of these areas of the law under the Agriculture Industry are water law, real estate, business succession planning, estate planning, and environmental regulations. That’s why having an agricultural lawyer as a farmer or rancher can significantly benefit you in the long run, especially if you’re looking to expand your operation.

The Government Can Easily Misunderstand how Agriculture Works

Many government officials don’t have a lot of experience, especially when it comes to agriculture law. So even though they mean well, some problems may arise if the time comes that both worlds collide. Aside from that, many regulations and enforcement issues are created, which are aimed at agriculture. And this has caused a lot of problems in the industry. So being a farmer, it’s best to educate those who want or are willing to listen.

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