How To Take Galactagogues to Boost the Breastmilk Supply?

A mother’s instinct will always aim to protect their child at all costs. Providing the baby enough nutrition will be a mother’s wish, and everyone thrives to do it in a full-fledged manner. In that way, breastmilk is the essential nutrient-rich food that will help in the baby’s growth. So here are some foods and facts regarding galactagogues to boost breastmilk supply.

So, feeding mothers need to pay extra attention to the nutrients they intake, and they must avoid some foods that might affect the quality of the breastmilk. Also, there is some substance called galactagogues, which increases the milk supply. Here is a breakdown of foods that are with this substance that increases the milk’s quality. No magic or wonder food can give instant results after consumption. There are only nutrient-rich foods with many health benefits entailed for different health issues.

galactagogues to boost breastmilk supply

Food, Herbs, And Supplements:

  • In different parts of the world, new mothers take foods known for boosting breast milk, and they are called lactogenic foods.
  • Some herbs like fennel, milk thistle, fenugreek act as galactagogues to boost breastmilk supply, and again consult a lactation specialist before consuming them. Do not take them excessively.
  • Include almonds, brown rice, garlic, ginger in your food as they are known galactagogues. It can help with breastmilk production gradually.
  • There is a proven fact that no herbs or supplements will drastically improve or increase the milk supply. It is a gradual process, and the galactagogues only work among the people, and it is not to be taken with no consultation from a professional.

If you are concerned about your milk supply or the quantity immediately, consult your doctor or lactation counselor. Do not take any supplements or herbs without the consultation of a professional. Always ask them to be on the safer side. Remember that feeding the baby regularly is the best way to keep your milk supply optimal. It is to increase the milk supply as well.

Stocking to a balanced diet and nutrient-rich food is enough for boosting milk supply. But if you are someone who is dealing with low supply or other lactation problems. You can include these galactagogues in your diet moderately. It can promote a good flow and supply, hence no worries about the baby’s health. Read about this thoroughly and don’t make any impulsive decisions as it might affect you and your baby. Seek the help of a medical professional in case of any health-related queries.